4 Signs Your Child Needs A Math Tutor

Math is one of the most challenging subjects for school-age children. According to the U.S. Department of Education, just 26% of high school seniors are considered proficient in math, so if your child is struggling, they are not struggling alone. Some kids are able to cope with the challenges and bring their grades up if they're failing. But there are many others that need outside assistance. If you're not sure whether your student needs a math tutor, here are the four most common signs.

Study Sessions Become a Meltdown

It's perfectly normal for kids to get frustrated with challenging homework, especially math. But if your child's study sessions end in tears and a declaration of giving up, this is a sign that a tutor might be needed.

Isolated incidents aren't anything to be concerned about. But when kids get overwhelmed time and time again, they start to shut down, and a defeatist attitude quickly moves in. It's best to get help early on in the game before this happens, if possible.

Your Child Studies Excessively

Many parents boast about their overachievers. And spending more time on studying and homework than necessary can become a habit for certain students. But if that study time suddenly replaces social events, it could indicate that your child isn't making the best use of their time.

In these situations, a math tutor can help the student learn how to study more efficiently. It could mean mastering study skills for memorizing times tables or discovering secret tricks for comprehending complicated formulas. Tutors are adept at teaching these things, and your child could benefit by applying those tricks at home so they don't spin their wheels for hours at a time.

Studying Gives Poor Results

Studying excessively and getting good grades leaves few parents concerned. But if your child has their nose buried in their math book every night and they're still failing, this is a sure-fire sign that outside help is necessary.

This could indicate a comprehension problem or, once again, an inability to use that study time efficiently.

You Feel Helpless to Assist

Most parents want to help when they see their child struggling with math. Unfortunately, you may feel helpless to do so as many adults aren't any more adept at solving math problems than their kids.

In these instances, you may want to provide assistance but simply don't know how. And that's okay. If you know your child isn't performing well, but you don't have the tools or the knowledge to help them grasp mathematical concepts, it's probably time to make an appointment with a tutor.