Stay At Home Parent? 4 Reasons For Your Child To Start Daycare Now

Are you in-between jobs or taking some time off from work? Are you wondering whether you should still enroll your child in daycare? If you aren't currently working, take a look at the top reasons to choose and use childcare services right now.

Your Child Needs A Social Setting

Do you want your child to socialize with other children? The group setting of pre-school or daycare can help your child to develop budding social skills, such as cooperation, sharing, turn-taking, and communication. The early childhood education environment can also help young children to learn about their own identity, understand different types of people or cultures, and grow as part of a caring community.

Your Child Needs An Educational Environment

Childcare services provide more than just supervision. Along with care and a watchful eye while you're away, child care centers are educational environments that can help the youngest children to explore new concepts, learn, develop, and grow. 

Pre-kindergarten classes include a variety of topics and content areas, such as early literacy, mathematics, social studies, science, and the arts. While your child won't dive deep into classic works of literature, write essays, or try calculus, they will build a foundation for future learning. Talk to the center's director or the program's staff/educators for more details on the school's curriculum and the educational content your child will explore. 

Your Family Just Grew

A new baby requires your full attention. This can make it challenging to parent a toddler or preschooler at the same time. Even though it's perfectly possible to care for more than one child at home, you don't have to split your time between each child. Out-of-the-home child care can help you during this transitional period. 

If your new parenting responsibilities are overwhelming, you feel like you're stretched too thin, or you just need some extra help, consider a part-time daycare schedule. This gives you time alone with your new baby and provides your older child with the chance to build new skills, develop abilities, make friends, and more. 

Your Child Wants To Go To School

Does your younger child ask why their older sibling gets to go to school and they don't? Whether your toddler or preschooler sees their big brother or sister go to school or they've noticed other children doing the same, they may suddenly show an interest in pre-k. If your child talks about school, points out local centers when you go on walks or drives, or asks about pre-kindergarten, follow their lead and explore the early educational options in your area.

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