Tips For Taking The EMT Exam

After EMT training, students must pass the EMT exam before they can start work. Students who don't take tests well may worry about how they will perform on the test. With the right preparation and test-taking skills, most students can pass the test with ease. These four tips for taking the EMT exam offer basic techniques. 

1. Practice Good Study Habits 

It's not enough to study; you need to study productively. Study for 1 - 2 hours 5 days a week for at least 4 weeks before the test. Start studying by reading and then rereading all of your reference material. Highlight important facts and phrases, and take copious notes. Turn your notes into flashcards, and run through them repeatedly. During the final week before the test, take practice tests available online and through EMT exam prep courses. 

2. Learn About the Test 

When you understand what the test will cover, you will know what to emphasize when you study. 

The EMT test covers five different topics:

  1. Airway, Respiration & Ventilation - 18 - 22%
  2. Cardiology & Resuscitation - 20 - 24%
  3. Trauma - 14 - 18%
  4. Medical/Obstetrics/Gynecology - 27 - 31% 
  5. EMS Operations - 10 - 14%

3. Go Into the Test with a Clear Head

Students perform better on tests when they have a clear head. Start with a good night's sleep and a healthy breakfast in the morning. Many students visit the gym for a cardio workout or cardio to get into a calm mindset. Students who experience test anxiety should practice breathing exercises that they can use during the test to get past a panic attack. 

4. Answer Questions Strategically 

The test consists of multiple-choice questions, so all students should answer every question. Students should start by going through the test to answer the easy questions first. Even during the easy questions, students should read the questions carefully, paying close attention to important words and phrases, such as "best", "not", and medical terminology. When faced with a dilemma among multiple feasible options, eliminate the wrong answers to narrow your focus. Reread the question again to see if the phrasing helps you determine the best answer. Double-check all answers before turning the test in (if time permits). 

EMTs have steady work, and they contribute greatly to society. The job is also exciting, and no day is quite the same. In order to work as an EMT, use these tips to pass the EMT exam.