3 Things To Do Before Your Child Attends Preschool

Preschool is something that many children look forward to. As a parent, it is your job to make sure everything is in place for your child to have a good preschool experience. Here are three things to do before your child attends preschool. 

Call Well In Advance For Registration 

If there is a certain preschool that you would like to get your child into, it is very important that you plan ahead and call this preschool well in advance. When you call, you can simply ask when the registration dates are and what is required at registration. This ensures that the class doesn't fill up before you can get your child in. It can also give you more options, such as what time of day your child attends preschool, what teacher your child has, etc. On top of these things, it can also help to ensure that you don't miss things like orientation, Meet the Teacher Night, etc. You can learn more here about registration, the curriculum, and any meetings you may need to attend.

Practice Preschool Activities At Home 

In order to make sure that your child is ready for preschool activities, it is a good idea to implement some of these things at home during the year leading up to preschool. You can use workbooks, computer programs, videos, and more to help introduce things like letters, numbers, animals, colors, and shapes to your child. You can also organize mom groups where a group of children and moms get together while the children do an activity together. These activities help your child understand more about the things that they will learn about in preschool, and it also gets them used to interacting and working together with other children. 

Read Books About Preschool To Them

Just as reading books about potty training and new babies can help your child prepare for these changes in their life, reading books about preschool can help your child understand what they should expect. Your child will likely be interested in the books and will have some questions about preschool and what exactly it entails. This creates a great teaching experience for you and a good learning experience for them. You can likely find several books on preschool at your local library, or you can purchase them from a local bookstore. 

Before your child attends preschool for the first time, you should call well in advance to make sure that they are registered, practice preschool activities at home with them, and read books about preschool to them.